[Announce] Release 0.8.0 of Zenon
(too old to reply)
François Pessaux
2014-10-21 09:58:55 UTC
It is my pleasure to announce (for Damien Doligez ^_^) the release of Zenon,
an automatic theorem prover written in OCaml.

Zenon handles first-order logic with equality. Its most important feature is
that it outputs the proofs of the theorems, in Coq-checkable form.

This is version 0.8.0, available at < http://sosie.inria.fr <http://sosie.inria.fr/> > (and soon
at < http://zenon-prover.org <http://zenon-prover.org/> >) with several issues fixed since the
last release.

Unfortunately, there is no documentation yet, so this is for the
adventurous spirit.

It is released under the New BSD license.

— François for Damien
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