Jane Street is hiring interns
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Yaron Minsky
2014-10-16 13:10:49 UTC
Jane Street is actively hiring summer interns for our offices in New
York, London and Hong Kong.

Interning at Jane Street is a great learning experience. If you're
interested in seeing how functional programming is applied to real
world problems at big scale, there's no better place.

Look here


to get a sense of the kinds of projects summer interns do. As is
reflected there, many of our intern projects make their way out as
open-source projects. Interns also learn about Jane Street's trading
business through lectures and interactive training sessions. Plus,
there are a lot of fun social activities throughout the summer.

Feel free to redistribute this to any students you think might be
interested. And if you're interested directly, you can apply here:


And as usual, we're also hiring developers for fulltime positions in
NYC, Hong Kong and London.

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