[OASIS-devel] [ANN] OASIS v0.4.5
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Jacques-Pascal Deplaix
2014-10-22 22:51:50 UTC
Hi all,

I and Sylvain Le Gall just released OASIS 0.4.5.

OASIS is a tool to help OCaml developers to integrate configure, build
and install systems in their projects. It should help to create standard
entry points in the source code build system, allowing external tools to
analyse projects easily.

Important changes:
* Build and install annotation files.
* Use builtin bin_annot and annot tags.
* Tag .mly files on the same basis as .ml and .mli files (required by
* Remove 'program' constraint from C-dependencies. Currently, when a
library has C-sources and e.g. an executable depends on that library,
then changing the C-sources and running '-build' does not yield a
rebuild of the library. By adding these dependencies (rather removing
the constraint), it seems to work fine.
* Some bug fixes

* no_automatic_syntax (alpha): Disable the automatic inclusion of
-syntax camlp4o for packages that matches the internal heuristic (if a
dependency ends with a .syntax or is a well known syntax).
* compiled_setup_ml (alpha): Fix a bug using multiple arguments to the
configure script.

Full blog post here:

Download here:

Jacques-Pascal Deplaix
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