[ANN] opam-android, a modern Android cross-toolchain
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Peter Zotov
2014-10-18 05:46:18 UTC

I'm glad to announce opam-android, a cross-toolchain for Android
based on OCaml 4.02.1. The goals of this port was to minimize
the changes to the OCaml compiler, to simplify porting packages
as much as possible, to support compile-time components like
ppx rewriters or cstubs, and to make using it as simple as possible.

I believe I have achieved these goals. In particular, I want
to highlight that both bytecode and native code compiling works,
-output-obj works and can be used to emit .o and .so files,
and using the toolchain is as simple as passing -toolchain android
to your ocamlfind invocation (or even setting the OCAMLFIND_TOOLCHAIN
environment variable).

For further details and installation instructions, please refer to
the GitHub project page:
Peter Zotov
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